Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mal-absorptive Weight Loss Surgery

Mal-absorptive Weight Loss Surgery
Mal-absorptive weight loss works in concurrence with restrictive weight loss when restrictive weight loss cannot tackle the problem on its own. Mal-absorptive weight loss amends the body’s digestion, commonly achieved by a bypass of the small intestine which reduces caloric absorption. Mal-absorptive surgery has resulted in a general increase in excess weight loss. The side-effects typically increase as the small intestine bypass increases. These concerns should be discussed, in detail, with your bariatric surgeon prior to committing to weight loss surgery at all.

The Gastrointestinal Tract
Understanding how weight loss surgery works is best illustrated with an explanation of your gastrointestinal tract, and its many functions. As food which you have eaten passes along the gastrointestinal tract, enzymes and juices are brought together as the food progresses which allow nutrients to be absorbed. The wasted food is then arranged for removal.
1. The oesophagus traverses food from the mouth to the stomach
2. The abdomen encloses all digestive organs
3. The stomach is located at the top of the abdomen and typically holds approximately three pints of food from one single meal. It is here where acid is added to the food to prepare it for digestion by breaking it down into smaller components
4. There exists a valve between the stomach and oesophagus which prevents the food returning to the oesophagus resulting in discomfort and potential damage.
5. The pylorus can be found at the outlet of the stomach. Its job is to close the stomach outlet whilst the digestion process is taking place. Once the food has been properly digested the stomach’s outlet is re-opened allowing food to pass.
6. The small intestine is 15ft - 20 ft long and this is where the absorption of nutrients takes place. The small intestine is broken down into tree main parts; the duodenum, the jejunum and the ileum.
7. The duodenum mixes the food with bile (which is fashioned by the liver) as well as other fluids from the pancreas. The iron and calcium is absorbed at this stage.
8. The jejunum is entirely responsible for digestion.
9. The ileum absorbs vitamins A, D, E and K.
10. There exists a separate valve between the small and large intestines which prevent bacteria-laced contents from arriving back inside the small intestine.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Low calory snacks

A typical conviction amongst weight watchers is that consuming snacks will wreck your eating routine. Exploration is supporting the seeing rather that snacks might really help you stick to your eating regimen the length of you settle on solid decisions and don`t gorge. Nibbling can be gainful to any weight reduction diet. It will help to avoid gorging. By having a little nutritious nibble you will avoid indulging at your next dinner. You can get tremendously required additional vitality and supplements by a nutritious nibble amid the day.

We satisfy the munchies up to five times a day — 580 calories' worth. For most women, that's about a third of the day's needs. But you can slash that megacalorie tally and stay on friendly terms with your scale: Just limit yourself to one to two of these 115- to 125-calorie, taste-tested, nutritionist-approved snacks. For our favorite picks, 
How we tested: The Good Housekeeping Research Institute Nutrition Department checked out 235 products — tossing anything with trans fats or too much saturated fat or sodium. Our focus: healthy, nutritious nibbles with filling protein and fiber. (We also green-lighted treats like chips and chocolate). Then, dozens of hungry volunteers sampled them and commented.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Summer Shenanigans

If summer were a person, I'd marry the heck out of it. Summer has been good to me. It's rockin' my socks off honestly. Wanna know what we've been doing together?

- Yesterday, I dominated my presentation. I'm loving this newfound confidence I have when I present. Ever since this horrid day that will go down in the book of Julie's most embarrassing moments, I never thought I'd recover. Feels. Just. So. Nice. To prove me wrong! Boo-ya to my 24 year old self. 

- It's June 13, and I'm almost finished with my sixth book of the summer. Check out my "Read" page to see some of the ones I've recently read, there've been several I've really enjoyed!

- Laying poolside is therapeutic and I've probably been 4-5 times each week so far. They should go ahead and prescribe pool days as medication. I may have become a pool bum, don't judge. But I haven't beat that retired couple that are there literally every. single. day. Rain or shine. Don't get me wrong, I love the pool, but I also got other sh** to do!

- No big deal but I've been whipping up some awesome new dishes for the boy and I. Last night I made a bangin' crock pot BBQ chicken recipe. Probably the best BBQ I've made.

- I have literally whipped my banking account into shape. The budget I kickstarted June 1 is going surprisingly very well. At first, it was super hard to contain the urge to spend. I mean, prior to said budget, my entertainment spending was OUT OF CONTROL. I really didn't realize how much I was spending in that area until I looked at the past two months and added everything together. I'm so glad I've set myself some budget goals, it has made a world of a difference!
P.S. Just a side note, Kroger is way overpriced.

- I love being able to wake up and do my workouts in the morning. I have so much more motivation and energy. I have never felt stronger than I do now, and I have to thank Melissa Bender's monthly workouts for that. Currently I'm on month 2 and am loving it. She is so inspiring, you should really check her out!

See this relaxed, care-free face? No bedtime, no alarm clock, no problems :)