Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Summer Shenanigans

If summer were a person, I'd marry the heck out of it. Summer has been good to me. It's rockin' my socks off honestly. Wanna know what we've been doing together?

- Yesterday, I dominated my presentation. I'm loving this newfound confidence I have when I present. Ever since this horrid day that will go down in the book of Julie's most embarrassing moments, I never thought I'd recover. Feels. Just. So. Nice. To prove me wrong! Boo-ya to my 24 year old self. 

- It's June 13, and I'm almost finished with my sixth book of the summer. Check out my "Read" page to see some of the ones I've recently read, there've been several I've really enjoyed!

- Laying poolside is therapeutic and I've probably been 4-5 times each week so far. They should go ahead and prescribe pool days as medication. I may have become a pool bum, don't judge. But I haven't beat that retired couple that are there literally every. single. day. Rain or shine. Don't get me wrong, I love the pool, but I also got other sh** to do!

- No big deal but I've been whipping up some awesome new dishes for the boy and I. Last night I made a bangin' crock pot BBQ chicken recipe. Probably the best BBQ I've made.

- I have literally whipped my banking account into shape. The budget I kickstarted June 1 is going surprisingly very well. At first, it was super hard to contain the urge to spend. I mean, prior to said budget, my entertainment spending was OUT OF CONTROL. I really didn't realize how much I was spending in that area until I looked at the past two months and added everything together. I'm so glad I've set myself some budget goals, it has made a world of a difference!
P.S. Just a side note, Kroger is way overpriced.

- I love being able to wake up and do my workouts in the morning. I have so much more motivation and energy. I have never felt stronger than I do now, and I have to thank Melissa Bender's monthly workouts for that. Currently I'm on month 2 and am loving it. She is so inspiring, you should really check her out!

See this relaxed, care-free face? No bedtime, no alarm clock, no problems :)

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